The Practice

From basic, dynamic to slow and flowing, take your pick of a range of yoga classes that suits you best.

Beginners Yoga

45 min / 60 min

New to Yoga? In the privacy of your own environment where you can focus on yourself. This class will demystify some of the key postures (and Sanskrit terms) while taking things at a slower, more manageable pace. Creating confidence and comfort in your own practice.
Also, I’ll be offering two-part beginners workshop for a more in-depth introduction to yoga – please contact me for more details.

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Vinyasa Flow

60 min / 90 min

This style of yoga is designed to challenge the body while quieting the mind using an intellectually sequenced series of postures that synchronise the breath with movement in a continual flow, creating an internal heat within the body.

The word Vinyasa literally means “connection” in Sanskrit, which is a fitting description for the breath/movement harmony that defines this fluid style of yoga. Each class will be unique – a creative expression every time focusing on different themes and looking to open different parts of the body. Vinyasa classes often begin with a series of sun salutations to warm up the body. Vinyasa yoga is a fun, athletic form of yoga that will lift your spirits and your energy levels while increasing flexibility, strength and balance.

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Ashtanga Yoga

Lead 90 min

Ashtanga derives from the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, linking breath and movement in a continuous flow. The class is based on the Primary Series – a dynamic sequence of postures practised with focused breathing techniques ( Ujjayi breath or victorious breath), designed specifically to align the body and strengthen the nervous system while cultivating a feeling of inner peace and leading to a natural state of meditation.

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Yin Yoga

45 min / 60 min

This is a quiet, slow and meditative practice, with a focus on the hips, pelvis and lower spine, all supported by the earth using props and variations to allow the body to open up and the mind to still. By holding postures for an extended period, the connective tissue is stimulated and joints are nourished. Yin is open to all levels and is a great way to bring balance to your dynamic yoga practice. For some, the challenge of letting go in a Yin class is harder than coming up into a handstand. Some Yin sessions may conclude with a seated meditation to leave you feeling grounded and restored.

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